CHINA – P/E & CAPE Ratio of Shanghai Stock Market

The current P/E (price-earnings) ratio of the Shanghai stock market is 17.77 (3/31/2018). The Shiller PE ratio is currently 17.21. Based on the averages, the shares traded on Shanghai stock exchange would appear to be slightly undervalued but the Chinese stock market has been characterized by extremely high valuations and […]

Russell 2000 Sector Weightings

The table below lists the GICS sector weightings of the Russell 2000 stock index. Currently, the sector with the largest weight in the index is the Financials sector. The smallest sector is Telecoms that makes up less than 1% of the index. For key historical data of Russell 2000 companies, […]

CAPE (Shiller PE), P/E & Yield of Japanese Stock Market

Shiller PE for all public Japanese companies is currently 27.93 (3/31/2018). The current CAPE ratio is lower than its historical average which would indicate that the Japanese stock market is currently undervalued. However, the country’s equity market has been characterized by periods of extremely high valuations which make the average […]

Global Dividend Yields by Country 2018

The table below lists historical dividend yields of the largest economies in the world. When estimating whether the stock market of a country might be undervalued, the country’s yield should not be directly compared to other nations. As a rough valuation indicator, dividend yield works best when the current ratio […]

CAPE Ratio of India’s NIFTY 50 Index 1999 – 2018

The current CAPE (Shiller PE) ratio of India’s NIFTY 50 stock index is 25.94 (6/30/2018). The 16-year historical average ratio is 21.88. A ratio higher than the historical average might indicate that India’s stock market is currently overvalued. The price-earnings ratio (TTM) is 25.90. To examine the global CAPE ratios […]

Hong Kong/Hang Seng P/E & CAPE Ratio 2018

The table belows lists the historical P/E and CAPE ratios of Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index. The current Shiller PE ratio of the index is 16.92 (6/30/2018). Hang Seng index is considered to be the benchmark stock index of Hong Kong’s equity market. For comprehensive data, check the Global Valuations […]

TSX Composite P/E, CAPE, Dividend Yield & Total Return

The table below shows the historical P/E (TTM), CAPE ratio, total return & dividend yield of Canada’s S&P/TSX Composite index. The current (6/30/2018) Shiller PE of TSX Composite is 24.21. For comprehensive data, check the Global Valuations datasets by Siblis Research. To examine the global CAPE ratios for the past […]

S&P 500 Historical Market Caps of Individual Companies

The table below lists the historical market caps of all current and past S&P 500 companies. The list includes all companies that currently are or have been part of the index since 12/31/2013 (the index components keep constantly changing, examine the historical index composition from here). Note: the market value […]

S&P 500 EV/EBITDA (Enterprise Multiple) by Sector/Industry

The table below lists the Enterprise Multiples (EV/EBITDA) by sector. The multiples are calculated using the current and past S&P 500 companies. Comparing the current enterprise multiple of a sector/industry to its historical average value can be used to estimate if the sector is currently undervalued or overvalued. Note: The […]

Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio by Sector (S&P 500) 1979 – 2018

The table below lists the historical price-to-book (P/B) ratios by sector, calculated using S&P 500 companies. It’s important to remember that the valuations of different sectors can’t be compared directly with each other using price-to-book ratio. To evaluate whether a sector might be undervalued/overvalued, today’s P/B should be compared against […]