S&P 500 Historical Total Market Cap & Float Adjusted Cap

The table below shows the historical total market capitalization of the S&P 500 index. The total market cap is the combination of the values of the individual companies part of the index. The table includes also the float adjusted market cap that considers the free-float market value of the companies. […]

FTSE 100 / 250 / All-Share Dividend Yield & Total Return

The table below lists the historical dividend yields and annual total returns of FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE All-Share indexes. The current annual yield of the FTSE 100 is 3.69% (2/28/2017), slightly higher than the historical average. The corresponding yield of All-Share index is 3.48% For detailed return histories, […]

Russell 2000 Historical Components & Changes

The table below lists the historical components of Russell 2000 index. To examine the constituent changes, export the table to Excel. If a company was part of the index during the last trading day of the year, it is marked as X. For comprehensive data about the index, contact FTSE […]

Russell 2000 P/E, Yield & CAPE Ratio 2006 – 2017

The table below lists the current & historical P/E (TTM), Dividend Yield and CAPE Ratio for Russell 2000 index. Note that also negative earnings are taken account when the price-earnings ratio is calculated. This makes the ratio much higher than trailing P/E reported by e.g. FTSE Russell which excludes companies […]

Global Dividend Yields by Country 2017

The table below lists average dividend yields for the largest economies in the world. When estimating whether the stock market of a country might be undervalued, the country’s yield should not be directly compared to other nations. As a rough valuation indicator, dividend yield works best when the current ratio […]

CAPE Ratio of India’s NIFTY 50 Index 1999 – 2017

The current CAPE (Shiller PE) ratio of India’s NIFTY 50 stock index is 23.80 (5/31/2017). The 16-year historical average ratio is 21.88. A ratio close to the historical average might indicate that India’s stock market is currently fairly valued. The price-earnings ratio (TTM) is 24.35. To examine the global CAPE […]

Hong Kong/Hang Seng P/E & CAPE Ratio 2017

The table belows lists the historical P/E and CAPE ratios of Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index. The current Shiller PE ratio of the index is 14.89 (3/31/2017). Hang Seng index is considered to be the benchmark stock index of Hong Kong’s equity market. To examine the global CAPE ratios for […]

CAPE Ratios by Country 1990 – 2017

The table below lists the historical and current CAPE Ratios of the largest economies in the world. Among the largest countries, Russia currently has the lowest Shiller PE ratio. However, the CAPE ratios of different nations should not be directly compared to each other. The best way to evaluate if […]

Global Market Cap to GNI/GDP Ratios for 28 Countries

The table below lists the total market cap to GNI (GDP) ratios for 28 major economies. Comparing the current market cap-to-GNI ratio (also known as Buffett Indicator) of a country to its historical average can be used to estimate the current valuation and expected returns of a nation’s stock market. […]