CAPE (Shiller PE), P/E & Yield of Japanese Stock Market

Shiller PE of all public Japanese companies is currently 27.34 (6/30/2018). The current CAPE ratio is lower than its historical average which would indicate that the Japanese stock market is currently undervalued. However, the country’s equity market has been characterized by periods of extremely high valuations which make the average […]

TSX Composite P/E, CAPE, Dividend Yield & Total Return

The table below shows the historical P/E (TTM), CAPE ratio, total return & dividend yield of Canada’s S&P/TSX Composite index. The current (12/31/2018) Shiller PE of TSX Composite is 21.37. For comprehensive data, check the Global Valuations datasets by Siblis Research. [S&P/TSX Composite] – P/E, CAPE, Yield & Total Return […]

Nikkei 225 Sector Weightings 2018

The table below lists the GICS sector weightings of Nikkei 225 stock index. The largest sector of the index is the Industrials sector that makes up 21.0% of the index. Consumer Discretionary companies hold the second place, being almost as large as Industrials. Note: Real Estate was part of the […]

[Japan] Largest Japanese Companies – Fundamental Data

The table below lists the 100 largest Japanese companies measured by revenues (fiscal 2017). Toyota Motor Corp is clearly the largest public corporation measured by both revenues, earnings and market capitalization. Toyota is followed by Honda Motor and Japan Post holds the third place. Purchase the Largest Japanese Companies Historical […]

Global 1000 Fundamental Financial Data

Global 1000 Fundamentals Researcher Dataset by Siblis Research provides the most essential historical financial data for the 1,000 largest global (non-US) public companies. The dataset includes companies from 36 countries, covering e.g. all companies part of MSCI World Index. Fundamental data is available for the past 20 years, reaching all […]