Siblis Research – Global Equity Valuation Data

Siblis Research provides in-depth financial data for various niche topics related to global equity markets.

The agency was born out of frustration that most of the time of a financial analyst is too often spend on searching, collecting and combining data from various places, taking considerable amount of time away from the actual analysis work. Our target is to provide a single source of data for certain research topics that usually require a lot of time-consuming manual collection of information.

We have put serious effort to ensure our datasets are presented in a simplest format possible without sacrificing the comprehensiveness of the data.

Most of our data and research revolves around global equity valuations, concentration on major US, European and Asian stock indexes.

Siblis Research was founded in January 2015. The data collection team operates from Helsinki, Finland.

Contact us to find out more about our data collection and quality assurance methods.

Giselda Ribeiro
+63 9 178 646 544