Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) – Divisor History

The table below list the changes to the Dow Divisor since 1990. The current value of the divisor is 0.14602128057775. It was last changed on March 11th 2016. Export the table to Excel by clicking the CSV icon above the table.

Dow Divisor History

Value of DJIA = (price of stock 1 + price of stock 2… + price of stock 30) / Dow Divisor

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What is the Dow Divisor?

The value of DJIA is calculated by dividing the sum of the prices of all 30 stocks by the index divisor called Dow Divisor. In cases of stock splits, spin offs or index constituent changes, the divisor is altered to ensure the continuity of the index value.

About Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

The Dow Jones Industrial is one of the oldest and most followed stock indexes in the world. The index consists of 30 major public US companies traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ. The companies selected to the index are considered to reflect the overall performance and expectations for US economy. The industrial average was first calculated on May 26, 1896.

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