Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Yields

The yields in the table below are calculated using the country-specific high yield corporate bond indices maintained by Siblis Research. The indices consists of USD denominated high yield corporate bonds issued by various countries in emerging markets. YTM is the weighted average yield to maturity of the bonds part of a country-specific index.

For current & historical yields of all the largest emerging economies (China, India, Brazil…), check the Emerging Markets High Yield Corporate Bond Yields dataset by Siblis Research.

Emerging Markets High Yield Corp Bonds - Yield to Maturity

Purchase the current & historical yields of thirteen emerging markets (Brazil, Argentina, Turkey…) and do your own analysis of their corporate bond market. Check a sample dataset from here

Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Indices by Siblis Research

Siblis Research is maintaining country-specific high yield corporate bond indices for the largest emerging economies. The bond indices consist of USD denominated bonds issued by corporations that are graded as sub-investment grade. The constituents part of a index are weighted based on their market value and are rebalanced monthly. Below are the key characteristics for the Brazilian bond index as an example.

Brazil HY Corporate Bond Index – Key Characteristics (Oct 31st 2017)

Brazil Corporate Bond Index Yield

The major indices tracking Emerging Markets corporate bond market

BofA Merrill Lynch Emerging Markets Corporate Plus Index Total Return Index
  • The index tracks the performance of both USD and Euro denominated emerging markets non-sovereign debt. Each security part of the index must have a maturity greater than one year and must have a fixed coupon. Both investment grade and sub-inv. grade bonds are included.
Bloomberg USD Emerging Market Composite Bond Index
  • The index tracks USD fixed-rate sovereign and corporate securities issued from emerging markets. To be included in the index, a sovereign security must have a minimum par amount of $250 million and a corporate bond a minimum par amount of $100 million.
Morningstar Emerging Markets Composite Bond Index
  • The index consists of the most liquid sovereign and corporate bonds issued in USD by the governments and corporations of the most prominent emerging markets.

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