FTSE 100 Companies – Revenues, Earnings & Market Caps

The table below lists the annual revenues, earnings and market caps of all FTSE 100 companies. The largest British public company in terms of both revenue and market cap is Royal Dutch Shell plc. If measured by market value, the second largest company is HSBC Holdings plc followed by Unilever plc. (Note: Unilever has announced that it will be consolidating its legal headquarters in Rotterdam and the company will be incorporated only in the Netherlands.)

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FTSE 100 Companies – Market Cap, Revenue, Net Income (Millions)

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Revenues, earnings and market values of FTSE 100 companies

The market capitalization is calculated for the last day of the year 2018. Revenues and earnings are for the fiscal 2017. If a company’s fiscal has ended in January, February or March 2018, the fiscal is considered as fiscal 2017. Note that many of the FTSE 100 companies are reporting their figures in Euros or US Dollars.

Note about British American Tobacco’s earnings taken from the company’s results announcement presentation: “Diluted earnings per share increased by over 600% largely due to a gain of £23.3 billion related to the acquisition of RAI and a deferred tax credit of £9.6 billion from the revaluation of the net deferred tax liability arising on the acquisition net assets to the 21% federal tax rate in the US.”

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