Long Term (10-Year) Bond Yields by Country 1989 – 2017

The table below lists current & historical 10-year government bond yields of the largest economies in the world. Government bond yields are used as benchmarks for long-term interest rates. The yields are calculated using the prices at which the bonds are traded at various exchanges (not the interest rates at which the bonds were originally issued). When the price of the bonds is going up, the yields are going down. Long term rates have a strong connection with stock market valuations. When interest rates are low and investors expect them to stay low in the near future, valuation multiples are high and vice versa.

For historical yields of 35 nations for the past 25 years, check the Global Valuations Dataset by Siblis Research.

REIT Sub-Industries - Annual Total Returns (TTM)

To examine monthly bond yields of 35 different nations (the data for the largest economies goes back to 1989), purchase the Global Valuations Database by Siblis Research that also provides CAPE (Shiller PE), Total Market Cap to GNI ratios and Dividend Yields of the countries. Check a sample dataset from here.

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