Sector & Industry Performance of S&P 500 (Total Return) 1979 – 2017

The table below lists the sector specific total returns of S&P 500 index (equal weighted). The total performance includes all dividends and other profit distributions. In December 2016, Energy sector has had the best annual performance, generating annual return of 38.67%. The worst performing sector has been Health Cate companies, providing negative return of -4.30%.

S&P 500 - Sector Performance (Total Return, TTM, Equal Weight)

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S&P 500 Sector Performance Total Return

How the sector/industry performance has been calculated?

The sector performance on the table is the equal-weighted trailing twelve months total return of companies part of S&P 500 index. This represent the total return on investment that S&P 500 companies part of a certain sector have provided.

When calculating historical returns, it is important to remember that the companies part of the index keeps changing and the number of components representing a certain sector is not fixed. If returns are examined in a longer time period, the effect of reinvested divideds and componding needs to be taken account. For sector total return indexes that assumes that all distributions are invested back to the sector, check the historical datasets by Siblis Research.

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