FTSE 100 Index Sector Weightings

The table below lists the Sector weightings of the FTSE 100 index. Currently (Jan 1st, 2024), the largest sector is the Financials sector that makes up 19.07% of the index. Consumer Staples companies come second with the weighting of 17.09%. The largest individual index constituents are AstraZeneca plc, Shell plc, […]

DAX Index (Germany) P/E Ratio & Earnings Growth

The table below lists the historical price-earnings ratio & earnings per share of the DAX index. The current trailing P/E ratio of the index is 14.91 (January 1st, 2024). The DAX index is considered as the benchmark index for the German stock market. The index includes 40 large cap German […]

FTSE 100 / 250 / All-Share Dividend Yield & Total Return

The table below lists the historical dividend yields & annual total returns of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 & FTSE All-Share indices. The current dividend yield of the FTSE 100 is 3.86% (Jan 1st, 2024), which is slightly higher than the historical average yield. The corresponding yield of the All-Share […]

NASDAQ 100 Index P/E, EPS & CAPE Ratio

The table below lists the current & historical P/E (TTM) ratio & CAPE ratio of the NASDAQ 100 index. The current (Jan 1st, 2024) trailing price-to-earnings ratio of the index is 30.25. NASDAQ 100 tracks the performance of the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market. The […]

CAPE Ratio of the Global (World) Stock Market

The CAPE ratio (Shiller PE) of the global stock market is currently 22.31 (January 1st, 2024). This global stock market is calculated using an index of the 3,000 largest public companies around the world, including the United States, the rest of the developed world and the emerging markets. The weighting […]

Russell 2000 Index P/E, Yield & CAPE Ratio

The table below lists the current & historical P/E (TTM) ratio, dividend yield & CAPE ratio of the Russell 2000 index. The current P/E ratio of the index is 26.72 (Jan 1st, 2024). When the price-earnings ratio is calculated, also negative earnings have been taken account. This makes the ratio […]

Bovespa Index (Ibovespa) P/E Ratio & EPS (Brazil)

The table below lists the current & past price-to-earnings ratios of the Bovespa index. The current trailing P/E ratio of the Ibovespa is 8.72 (January 1st, 2024). The Ibovespa is considered to be the benchmark equity index for the Brazilian stock market. The current P/E is considerably lower than the […]

Canada Stock Market – P/E Ratio, CAPE & Earnings

The table below shows the historical price-earnings ratio (TTM), EPS, CAPE ratio and dividend yield of Canada’s equity market, calculated using large cap companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The current P/E ratio of Canada’s stock market is 15.15 and the CAPE ratio is 19.50 (January 1st, 2024). For […]

Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio by Sector (U.S. Large Cap)

The table below lists the current and historical price-to-book (P/B) ratios by sector, calculated using the 500 largest U.S. companies. It’s important to remember that the valuations of different sectors can’t be compared directly with each other using this ratio. To evaluate whether a sector might be undervalued/overvalued, the current […]

Global Market Cap to GDP (GNI) Ratios by Country

The table below lists the total market cap to GNI (GDP) ratios of the largest economies in the world. Comparing the current market cap-to-GNI ratio (also known as the Buffett Indicator) of a country to its historical average can be used to estimate the current valuation and expected returns of […]