Global 10,000 Fundamental Financial Data

Global 10,000 Fundamentals dataset by Siblis Research provides key historical financial data for the 10,000 largest public companies in the world. The key fundamentals in the dataset includes annual revenues, earnings, free cash flows, total assets, total liabilities, book values and market caps.

Data is available for all the companies at least for the past 10 years, reaching back to the year 1999 for the largest companies. The dataset includes companies from 61 countries, covering all companies from all the major global equity indices. Download a sample dataset from here.

The dataset allows you to examine global stock market valuations & earnings growth and you can quickly calculate various profitability ratios like ROE and ROA using your preferred formulas. The data is provided in the simplest format possible, making the dataset ready for immediate analysis. You can rank companies e.g. by market cap or revenues based on region, domicile and sector within seconds.

Our datasets go under extensive quality control and multiple rounds of validation. Any potential questions about the data will be answered immediately and. ISIN codes are provided for all the companies, making it possible to integrate our dataset with products from other data vendors.

The data has been collected using the scraping technology created by our in-house developing team. If interested purely on our data scraping methods and how you can utilize our data collection tools for your own projects, contact us now and we can discuss more about our solutions.

Q: What is the source of the data?

A: The data has been collected mostly from XBRL filings using our custom tools developed for this purpose. For example, the regulators in US, UK, Germany, Japan and South Korea and making XBRL documents of company filings widely available for investors to examine. Some of the data also comes directly from various stock exchanges around the world. Read more about XBRL from here.

Q: How do you ensure the data quality?

A: All of our data goes through multiple rounds of validations and checks to ensure outstanding quality and correctness of our data. Our data collection process is not based purely on mechanical extraction but data quality has also been validated by our QA team in Manila, the Philippines.

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