Siblis Research – Data Solutions for Modern Investors

Siblis Research Ltd is an enterprise-level data provider focusing on global equity valuation data.

We provide historical fundamental financial data on multiple markets around the world, including North-American, European and Asian stock markets. Our data scraping technology has allowed us to build an unique database with thousands of public corporations.

If interested purely in our data scraping methods and how you can utilize our data collection tools for your own projects, contact us now and we can discuss more about our solutions.

We have put serious effort to ensure our datasets are presented in a simplest format possible without sacrificing the comprehensiveness of the data. Our datasets are subject to extensive quality control and multiple rounds of validation, both rule-based and manual checks.

Siblis Research was founded in January 2015. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland, with a data scraping and quality assurance team operating from Manila, the Philippines. We serve both individual investors and institutions and our data solutions are used by financial advisors and research departments around the globe.

Contact us to find out more about our data collection and quality assurance methods.