Russell 2000 P/E, Yield & CAPE Ratio 2006 – 2017

The table below lists the current & historical P/E (TTM), Dividend Yield and CAPE Ratio for Russell 2000 index. Note that also negative earnings are taken account when the price-earnings ratio is calculated. This makes the ratio much higher than trailing P/E reported by e.g. FTSE Russell which excludes companies reporting negative net income. The combined earnings of Russell 2000 companies were negative between 3/31/2016 and 2/28/2017. The current dividend yield of the index is 1.46% (6/30/2017).

Russell 2000 - P/E, Yield & CAPE Ratio

To examine historical index valuations, purchase the Russell 2000 Historical Dataset by Siblis Research that provides yield, P/E & CAPE ratio of the index since 2006.

For key historical data of Russell 2000 companies, purchase the Russell 2000 Researcher Dataset by Siblis Research which includes quarterly earnings, revenues, outstanding shares, share prices, market caps & monthly total returns of all current and past Russell 2000 companies since 12/31/1995, including the component change history. Examine what the dataset looks like.

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