Europe P/E (Price-Earnings) Ratio – European Equity Valuations

The table below shows the current & historical price-earning (P/E) ratios of the European stock market. The ratios have been calculated using the STOXX Europe 600 index that represents large, mid and small cap companies based on seventeen different European countries, including the United Kingdom. The current trailing P/E ratio of the European equity market is 19.96 (12/31/2021) and the forward P/E is 12.04 (12/31/2021). The equities in the old continent are considerably cheaper when compared to the U.S. when measured across all valuation metrics. However, the market structure is quite different between the continents (especially when it comes to the Technology sector) and the overall market valuations should not be directly compared with each other.

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Europe Market Valuation: Trailing 12 Months & Forward P/E Ratios

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CAPE Ratios by Country

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