Global Stock Market P/E Ratio

The table below lists the current & historical price-earnings (P/E) ratios of the global stock market. The ratio is calculated using an index of 3,000 public companies around the world based in 49 different countries. At the moment, the trailing P/E ratio of the global equity market is 19.63 (6/30/2020). The current multiple is lower than the 30-year average price-to-earnings ratio which might indicate that the global equities could be are underpriced. The trailing PE of the MSCI ACWI index (MSCI’s All Country World Index that is calculated using a slightly different set of companies that we are using) is 19.92 (6/30/2020).

To examine the global valuations since the year 1970, check the data subscriptions provided by Siblis Research.

Global Stock Market: Price-to-Earnings Ratio (TTM)

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